Why Chinese Food Is The Ideal Quarantine Food

20 May 2020
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Quarantine and the various social distancing measures have left many people with a lot of time on their hands to snack and eat unhealthily. While it is certainly a blessing that takeaway services are still operating, it has meant that now many people are eating very high-calorie meals with little exercise. But how do you satisfy your boredom and hunger in quarantine without ballooning out? The simple answer is Chinese food. Your local Chinese restaurant has all the delicious takeaway items that remove the stress of cooking while still giving you that amazing taste you crave. 

More Healthy Options

Chinese cuisine has long used much more healthy alternatives to the high-carb staples in western culture. Even relatively high-carb bases like rice and noodles have healthy alternatives that don't drastically change the taste of the food. In addition to that, Chinese food often uses less fat, salt and sugar, with a focus on natural ingredients and fewer additives. That makes almost everything on your local Chinese restaurant's menu a better alternative than say, a takeaway burger chain or pizza place. That means you can eat more with less of an impact on your waistline, allowing you to feel really full.

Great Source Of Sustained Energy

Your local Chinese restaurant has many dishes focused entirely around meats, eggs, nuts and other high protein ingredients. From dumplings to omelettes and everything in between, most meals in a Chinese restaurant present you with deliciously flavoured beef, chicken, fish and pork that gives you sustained energy. Unlike fast food, where you get an instant high but quickly feel bloated, Chinese food feels much better in the long run and doesn't slow you down at all. For those that are still working during the day, Chinese food can be a great lunch treat.

Delicious Taste

When it comes down to it, the main reason most people choose Chinese cuisine is that they know it tastes great. There are so many varied tastes because it is such a large and diverse country that you could eat Chinese food every meal for a week and never repeat a dish. From the vast cities on the east coast of China that give us delicious streetfood staples to the more hearty and filling dishes from the west, there is so much to go through. If you want to have new experiences without leaving your house during quarantine, then there is no better way to start than with a call to your local Chinese restaurant.

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