How To Find Out If You Will Like A Restaurant Before You Arrive

3 February 2020
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Australians love eating out, and for good reason — there are just so many delicious food and drink options all across the country, with a variety of cuisines and inspirations. However, not everyone likes every dish or restaurant, and you don't want to waste a valuable night off somewhere you might not enjoy, but how do you know if you will like a place before you arrive? Here are a few tips and tricks to evaluate whether a particular restaurant is your style or not.

Find Out The Theme

There are many themed restaurants and dining options, from a traditional sports bar to a kid-centric playland. The last thing you want to do is turn up to a restaurant only to find out it is populated mostly by families with little children. Always do a cursory search on your particular restaurant to get a feel for the place before you commit to it. Using the aforementioned sports bar as an example, if you really are wanting to find a place that shows your favourite game on TV, then you should search specifically for places that advertise that they do. Going in blind never helps, so spend a couple of seconds before you decide on your ideal place.

Restaurant Menu

There is no point in going to a restaurant if you know the food isn't your type of thing. Most restaurant menu items can be found listed online these days, which makes it exceedingly easy for you to never go to a place you don't like again. If you can't find a restaurant menu online then the other option is to go to review sites and see what people recommend. Often, the most popular dish is listed in the positive reviews. Remember that specials and limited offers are generally not put online, so you may find something even better in person.

Local Produce

The most important thing in deciding whether food tastes good is the ingredients that make up the dish. If you are looking for a unique and delicious experience, look for a restaurant that advertises itself as a local produce restaurant. This means that they source all their food from farms and gardens within a small radius and that they have tight control over the supply chain. While not all great restaurants use local produce (and you can find many fantastic restaurants without it), generally speaking, a locally sourced restaurant will be a great night out. 

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